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This character is, as far as I am aware, unplayed; and by me may be unplayable but even that succinct comment needs volumes of explanation. During the early part of the millennium I hung out on, it wasn’t quite right for me (and no where may be) but I played around.  One of several games they played was “20 questions” Another was “build a character.”  So this is a character I built for one of the mainstays, one Water Jess.

I played around quite a bit on the site for a while and used the random generator for her powers but most of this is simply plugging in interesting things she and others wrote into the slots and having fun.

Should Water Jess show up and dislike her character being here if she just posts the age she was when I built this [as a way to provide me evidence she is the real one asking for me to take it down] and I certainly will.  Otherwise please enjoy WATER JET!!!    Wait, does that sound wrong?

Identity: Wet Jet Character Name: Jessica Waters Player name:
Sex: Training Suggestions: Genre:
Age and Appearance: A Lady Never tells… but while she may appear to be All Play and no work she has been described as a jewel in the rough. “I love my hair.” is one of her Character Quotes: Character Quotes: Early in her career Wet Jet was battling some communists in Lexington.  Running low on power and fearing they would be able to use superior technology to escape she shrank them all.  Since there were more than she could carry in her hands and her costume does not have a purse she tucked them in the pockets of her pants.  Stumbling into Iron Man attracted to the disturbance she uttered the following now-famous line:  “Hey, uh, Iron Man… …I have some communists that need to be fought… in my pants… …will you help?”
Alternate Identities: Water Jess “Women are part ferrets.  It’s why we like shiny things.” “I FREAKING LOVE CURLY FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!” In her Sultry Voice: “We might have to change the name, but you’ll do. Show me how… agile you are with that wood of yours…”
Other Notes about the Sultry Size Shifter of Lexington KY Are:  her favorite color is PURPLE! Origin and Background: Mutant, Biological Exp. Rank Rank or number
I am honorable because I am a good friend and I do what I can to help people. I don’t like saying no. I will tell someone the hard truth when they need to hear it. Fighting Remarkable 26
On the other hand… I’m a scoundrel because I can be really mean. I can make fun of people, especially when I’m drunk. (Ask Origen about the time I drunk dialed my ex!) And I’m pretty ruthless too. But most of the time, I’m doing it to make someone else laugh. Agility Amazing 46
I want to be like BN when I grow up because she is an incredible mom, a strong woman, and someone who STILL fights to live out her dreams. Strength Excellent 16
The Kentucky Bugler Brings You: Endurance Remarkable 26
Twenty Questions with Wet Jet: Reason Typical 5
1. What does your ever changing hair look like now? 12. What food brings you back to your childhood? Intuition Incredible 36
1. Its dyed natural right now… Kinto’s mom gave me a gift certificate to get my hair cut, dyed, conditioned and styled. The woman who did it suggested natural, and I told her that was a dirty word… but she appealed to my lazy side, because I won’t have to get my highlights done until Thanksgiving or early December. I’m growing it out, so she kept what length I have (my hair is almost to my shoulders) and it’s layered so it flips out in the back… when I want it to. 12. The comfort food that I make is tuna noodle casserole… unfortunately, I’m the only person I know who likes it. Its ridiculously simple (egg noodles, canned tuna, cream of mushroom soup) but my mom made it a lot when I was growing up and I make it when I have time now. Psyche Good 8
2. I remember you mentioned ring browsing with your boyfriend, do you have anything picked out yet? And do you have any sort of timeline for when/if you’d like to get married? 13. How do you take your coffee? Health (F+A+S+E) 104
2. We didn’t pick anything out yet. We have an idea of what I like and I think he knows his budget… and according to Harper (my best friend) they’ve looked a few times as well. I’d like to get engaged soon – we’ve been dating for 3 1/2 years and I feel like if we’re not moving towards that by now, then its probably time to move on. I’d like to get married next summer if we decide to “runaway”, aka get married on the beach, or summer 2010 if we get married in Kentucky. 13. I don’t. I wake up with a Diet Coke or 3.
3. Are you still thinking about going to grad school? 14. How would you classify yourself religiously? Karma (R+I+P) 49
3. Yes I am! I am getting ready to start working on my crazy applications… U of L if Kinto and I are apart, or UK if we’re engaged. 14. The closest I have is a mix of Unitarian and pagan. I believe that there is an Almighty being, but not necessarily that he gives a crap about what we do down here. The most spiritual/religious thing you can do is working towards social equality – giving to charities and giving your time is much more important than praying. I believe in reincarnation because I feel like there is more to learn in our lives than we have time to discover.
4. How do you manage to work two jobs without going insane? (one full-time job and school is driving me insane) 15. Do you love cats? Resources Excellent 16
4. I’m of legal drinking age? Seriously, it keeps me busy. Kinto is really busy with Law School and if I hadn’t worked at Cracker Barrel today (its my day off at CEC), I would have just hung around and done nothing. Instead, I made moneys. It gets stressful when I open at CEC then work at CB… like Friday is miserable, because I work 7am-4 at CEC, then work 5:30-close at CB, so I won’t get out until 11:30 or so… 15. Fat kitty Zelda says yes.
5. How many children do you want to have? What do you look forward to most in becoming a mother? 16. Why do you keep dying your hair red when it obviously looks better blonde? Popularity Incredible 36
5. I want to have 3 kids, ideally… 1 boy, two girls. However, I will take what I get.  As to what I look forward to, I look forward to bonding with my children and our relationship. I’m lucky that I’m still very close to both of my parents, and even really close to my step-mom. I know I can rely on them for anything and I hope my children will feel the same way. 16. (a.) I get a TON of compliments as a redhead. (b.) To warn Villains of my approach.
17. On which U.S. coast would you rather reside? Special Abilities:
6. If you could be any character in any movie, who would it be? Book? Short story? 17. Well, the east coast has Origen, who is one of my closest friends. But the west coast has San Diego which is the unaffordable city of my heart. Talents: Performer: Music Base of Operations:
6. I dunno, Iron Man’s girlfriend?  Sylar’s partner and lover? (HOT DAMN, but Zachary Quinto is hot.) I would love being in a Kevin Smith movie… maybe Rosario Dawson’s character from Clerks 2? I love chicks with a wicked sense of humor. 18. What favorite childhood book do you look forward to reading to your own kids? Weapons Specialist: Lexington, KY
7. How close to yourself do you make your characters in RPGs? 18. The Hobbit, I’ll probably use the same copy my dad read to me. Where The Wild Things Are and also A Little Princess for my girls. Contacts: Kinto: S Apparently there are rumors she has been on a date with Iron man, after uttering this line….“Awww, so jealous! I love St. Maartin, I only got to stay there a night.”
7. When I would play RPGs, I made my characters someone who I would want to be. Sometimes I would take an aspect of who I am and make that their entire character. However, one of my favorite to play was my thief, who was the sister of my ex’s character in the game, and would have happily killed him for the right amount of money, even if she DID love him dearly. 19. Do you prefer to wrap gifts in paper, or put them into gift bags? Iron Man: H
8. What is your ideal vacation or vacation spot? 19. I loooove wrapping gifts. I will put awkward things in bags if I’m at my apartment, but my mom has a million boxes. I like making them pretty and putting bows on them. They’re part of the holiday decoration until Christmas. My boy doesn’t get it. Powers:
8. Warm and beachy. My favorite vacation was when my dad took me and my boy on a Windjammer cruise for my graduation gift. It was awesome… 20. Can you play any musical instruments? Powers: Wet Jet despite her name has the Mutant ability to convert small amounts of matter to Pym particles for various power stunts. Nearly all of her powers derive from this all too easily exhaustible supply of particulate generation. Group Affiliations:
9. What would be your dream dinner if money was no object? 20. I can pick out notes on the piano and play handbells. But I’m a classically trained soprano. I used to be able to hit the upper scales… I think I had about a 5 octave range when I was taking voice lessons in high school. I haven’t sung since high school… but if I found a choir, I would love singing in a group. For now, I just do the occasional drunken karaoke. Wet Jet (Missile Creation): One of the first manifestations of her power was the ability to use Pym Particles to convert tiny naturally exuded water molecules on her hand (s) to full sized Water Blasts that act as a Stunning Attack of Remarkable (26) Strength!   In addition she can use this as a carrier for her Pym Particles to Shrink or Enlarge her targets as desired  at the ability levels listed below (though this does cost two power usages).
9. As for dinner, it depends on my mood. I absolutely love Merrick Inn, which is on the grounds of my apartment complex. It is delicious and I love the atmosphere – inside is beautiful and grand, and outside is kind of like a big party, especially when Keeneland is in session. When I’m wanting to relax, I love to go to Pazzo’s for a pitcher of Woodchuck’s and a pizza. And finally, my favorite downtown restaurant is Cheapside, because the food is always amazing and its another place where it feels like every day is a party. So, instead of a concise answer, I would eat at my 3 favorite local restaurants every day. Size doesn’t matter… (yeah, sure) (Matter Control Diminution): Surprisingly compared to her other powers she has the Amazing (46) rank ability to Atomically adjust the size of various targets.  She can shrink a target down to .25% of their original size. This is the power she was using to capture communists….
10. How many times a day do you check your e-mail? I like them BIG (Matter Control Enlargement): Wet Jet at this point only has the ability to generate a Good (6) Level of Enlargement. (Though there are rumors among some guys that she not only unfairly targets certain sensitive areas, but at a better than Excellent rating…) Campaign name:
10. I check my email about once a day now that I’m not in school. I’m not on the Phi Sigma Pi listserv so I don’t have 20 emails a day… but I check Facebook several times a day. Particulate Converter (Molecular Conversion): The ability to generate Pym Particles is apparently based upon a Good (8) ability to Molecularly Convert objects.  She simply converts some of her body’s waste (dead skin cells for example) to Pym Particles and then uses the converted molecules to generate her other effects. Upon this ability being discovered she has since learned better control and can now create other effects than just Pym Particles.  (note: she does not need to roll to generate Pym Particles, those abilities are already covered by her ‘other powers’, however this power is governed by the maximum number of uses per day still)
11. What’s the clearest memory you have of your childhood? Intuitive Builder (Weapons Tinkering): Oddly enough as a part of her Intuitive abilities Wet Jet can devise and assemble weapons and vehicles from available resources.  Perhaps this slightly divergent ability is related to her size control abilities and the perception thereof. Because her sensitivity enablers her to instantly determine what part goes where based upon just the ability to “fit” due to relative sizes. (She also may ‘cheat’ by using her powers to reduce tab b to easily fit in slot a for example…)
11. I have a million memories of swimming in the summer. We had a pool in my house growing up and I was a little fishy. I loved swimming and I still do, I just don’t have the time… Energy Exhaustion (Weakness): Wet Jet only has the ability to generate a Remarkable (26) number of power uses per hour.  The generation of Pym Particles is very difficult for her to maintain without exhausting herself.  As she becomes more enduring (buys up Endurance) she will be able to generate more uses.

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