Crazed Criminal Cadre

This is one of the most recent incarnations of the “Crazy colluding crime gang” exploring the differences between Misfit Heroes and the Misfit Criminals they can face.

Unfortunately looking at it now it might seem to share a theme with Season 3 of American Horror Story, even though the art seen here preceded Season 1 of said show. Se La Vie.

Unlike the Ninja-Jackal I can tell readers that there are more details here than meets the eye.

Jackie the Jester is a homage to the puppet crime lord concept but he uses criminal shadow puppeteers to do many things that are difficult to detect.

Side Show Stella uses weaponized umbrellas and trapeze artistry plus the more acrobatic combat concepts to criminally contribute to the group.

Chicken Boy Clarence is a holler out to the sharp clawed mutant concept, and for the villains it is of course, one mutation that went ‘wrong’ from the appearance standpoint.

Beatrice the Bearded Broad is the strong arm/tough gal of the group.  She tries to match the more muscular members of the opposition as well as throw her weight around but she may be one of the more empathetic members of the group.  Or is that just another cunning layer to the group?  Only time will tell.

Diver Dan is skilled in the art of cliff diving , SCUBA operations, knives and probably demolitions (including underwater).  His SCUBA gear and diving suit might just offer reasonable protection against many of the odder special abilities super beings possess.

Marty the Musician rounds out the group by using mind control music making merriment and stretching stilts to offer a switch up from the other powered people.  (He probably has the most work done)

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