Rough Campaign Notes

One of the things about the Show I am working on is it is looking to find and bring forth the best in players, as well as show others how to be the best players in RPG’s.

During those periods I was not actively Playing an RPG I have thought about what to run as a campaign (as well as building almost a legion of characters), if I had any fellow players. Sometimes I even thought they were good enough to write down.

Starting off with campaign 510 (really it might be 00510 but if we get that far I’ll renumber) because I wanted some room for campaigns much closer to my original comics but playable for later. Since you have to start somewhere, might as well be here. 00001-00010 is probably my comics  with a wide swath chiseled out for the Cell 28 characters origin universes.

This has a few more ties to V&V than anything else (notably the power related notes which would not typically apply in HERO, and are of limited utility in MSH).  Realistically this is a sort of single origin campaign universe

Some of the possible themes for this campaign may have been touched upon in the movie Arrival, but the possibilities are so much more.

Campaign 510

The first sign of contact was nearly missed. A man, a virtual unknown Became addicted to drawing squiggles.  At least that was what everyone else saw the art as.  In another time and space scientists or mystics were attempting to communicate with others they sensed.  Powerful energies were sent behind their words, that were unexpectedly changed by their passage behind the universe.  This morphing of the energies too were responsible for the fractious jumbling of their communications resulting in unintentionally altered ability to change things more than the casters of these words thought.

 The end result was these communications altered many; they found both mentally and physically causing some dramatic effects.  One of these were the people most affected were drawn to the symbols that had literally made impressions upon them. They found, not logic, in this little known mans art but affinity

Mostly this affinity was with single or perhaps double symbol fragments in the vast majority of the cases. A scrap here or there :[ was a hero .> was a villain ~ was neither JL was both.  Because there was a connection between the energy and the word and the energy changed some with what we might call a Susceptibility to this energy they also then would have a susceptibility to word in some ways also. Though it might be called an affinity for their word, this same affinity makes it that it always has been and it probably always will be fashionable to wear their symbol in a proud display. 


Campaign 510 is set in the modern era, though superficially identical to Campaign 520 there are several unique differences.  First off Campaign 510 deals far more with the theme of symbols, and attempts to tie that into a theme of iconic heroism and villainy. This is a world wherein concepts represented by symbols are placed in a hierarchy as an outside context of relevance rather than that of actual power.  Characters should begin and end with a core symbol chosen from graph 1 (Not included in this post, and other graphs may be available at later dates) however skilled artists can easily duplicate these efforts to generate a more aesthetically pleasing symbol as long as it is not too obvious a duplication of other symbols. 

 Keep in mind the Graph can be rotated and depending upon the size of the image and number of players multiple persons can scrutinize the graph for some sort of symbol to hang their concept upon.

Choosing the Symbol is the most important step.  The player(s) should begin here with a symbol of choice, however this is not written in stone, because the basic character concept should fit in with the characters powers.  If the character is being randomly generated then the powers should be chosen first with a symbol being chosen to draw it all together.  After the Symbol is chosen the player should choose the power he and the Gm feel is most in accordance with the Symbol.  Should the Player and Gm not be able to agree then the character receives both powers.  Regardless of the decisions already made the character receives 1d6+1 additional randomly generated powers.  

 For Gm’s and players in agreement on the Symbol there may be cases wherein all the powers are chosen to fit the theme.  Which is perfectly fine of course.  From there most campaigns should progress in whatever fashion they normally would.


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