Setbacks happen.  this one isn’t as bad as it could have been but a cascading series of failures ending with me being a little under the weather and yeah. Bang.  the whole tower collapses.


So now I have to build a stronger tower.  With redundancies.

I now have a better understanding of why Game shows have audiences.


So Round one goes to inexperience.


But in the meantime, here are a few thoughts about movement, specifically Super speed of the Very Very fast varieties…

Heightened Speed: this is ability to accelerate the character to higher rates of speed than any human can usually perform. This typically has no power or action cost to use and since it generally increases the movement rates of the character in most cases it is primarily a movement power. However this does power does frequently include a physical challenge of causing minor wind whipping effects to individuals the speedster passes by.
A: as an attack when a power increases initiative or even number of possible attacks it does effectively give more offense options giving the character a potent offensive ability. Other offensive options could include delivering many rapid fire punches, seeking weaknesses to exploit or even gathering information/learning at rates that would leave others breathless while taking advantage of the speed they possess.
B: there is a variety of defensive options for the super speedster in addition to having the advantage to sometimes move into or out of range faster than many can deal with some characters have Hyper Speed movement along the ground at Mach speeds equal to a maximum of half of his regularly determined ground movement rate or may evade for 2” normal movement for every -1 to opponents accuracy up to his normal maximum for evasion.
C: There are several ways to express how the character gains a bonus to movement, many of these are tied to active intervals   As a bonus to be spread among his various movements as desired equal to (1d100x10”) /4, in addition divide the d100 roll by 3 to get an initiative bonus equal to the resulting number. Another option is the character gains 1d10x20” to all forms of movement (see the movement chart) as well as reducing the interval between actions by 1d6 (the character gains additional actions on {Agility + any Initiative Bonus +1d10}/{15_1d6} [basically 9_14])
D: Sensory adjustments usually occur to the possessor of Heightened Speed as a perception of time slowing down, whether realistically or not accurately or not.  Senses could be sped up or time could appear to dilate in order to make certain they can react properly to what they are interacting with.
Examples of Heightened Speed Powers (1d6)
_Chasing Cars: the character puts on such a burst of speed that they automatically catch up with the fleeing target within 15 seconds for 4 PR and after a successful Ad20 save.
_Flurry of Strikes: use leftover movement available to add damage on a successful hit equal to movement available x4 on the chart using the secondary column. This may only be used on their final attack action for the round.
_Highway Run: The character can cross non relevant areas at incredible speeds, representing more of a factor of speeds than would be recognized on a game scale map.
_Speed of Sound: able to move at hypersonic speeds without resorting to the vehicular engines or other mundane technology uses.  The character can move any part of his body at this speed so in addition to movement the character can use this speed in a variety of ways.  The character moves so quickly that he can run up the sides of buildings and across water with ease and has twice his base movement for travel.  Defensively the character takes one less point of damage per die and is at -2 to be hit. The character has a variety of offensive choices he can add +1 pip to every die of damage he deals in a round by sacrificing his dice damage
_Super cruise: the character can run fast enough to traverse across water, or any solid appearing surface, despite the actual properties of the material, thus lava etc, could be moved across.  The character may not move at less than half their movement speed in any turn they are over the liquid.
_Warp Speed Volleyball: The Initiative die explodes for this speedster, meaning any 10 rolled on the d10 allows the character to roll the d10 and add it to their initiative continuing until the character rolls no more 10’s. The character also can avoid and redirect attacks and their effects.  This is limited to once per initiative exploding die and costs 10 points of initiative.  Theoretically only once in 100 rounds of combat would a character be able to redirect an attack but if they can do so it still requires a successful HTH roll to direct the effects where desired within range.


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