Game inspired Comics Part II: LRPC 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, while waiting for my girl at the time I drew comics.  The characters are all fictional the Gm’s screen has a few designs for various heraldic emblems I also use in my games except that the 5th Cav insignia is in there. Of the other two one is for Sandy the Lost my SCA persona. The other is for house Asunder, having a high propensity for twins it frequently ends up being co-ruled as a twist on the “twins” trope in fantasy.
I also liked the idea of T-shirt designs. So I came up with a few for this comic, Good Gm’s Rule! of course playing upon the many definitions of ‘rule’ and a few others.  Desiree’s shirt I like because it is a subtle twist on guys looking at a females chest rather than her face and a more humorous, elegant way of saying ‘Stop looking at my chest’.

And Slim’s Tee?  Well, for those especially liking Slim’s shirt it predates the Death Star petition by probably 6+ years.

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