Building an OC only Slightly homaged II

So with this first post I started off with a few notes and have a huge amount of room. Too much.  The character is not limited by definitions yet, meaning it is pretty nebulous.  I could grab a random generation system but I have several defined powers that move it towards a building system.

I also need a few names So I start digging through various digital notes and pieces of paper until I come across a note for a mechanized character called I-0 or I-Not.  I dimly recall that the character was intended to be like Odysseus using “No man” with the Cyclops.

It doesn’t match the character but might make a good opponent for the Character.

More digging and I come up with a few things:

Seline, I want a sort of flowy thing for a part of the name,

I dig up some insect themed powers but she thinks they are icky.  She doesn’t like other icky things either.

She does like apparel.  A lot. I think I want a ring, It’s tickling back in the hindbrain.

Then I write this:

Sometimes villains live long enough to become a hero. Especially if given a mentor and a chance.

So:She also needs a mentor and a slightly criminal background.  It helps that this choice also gives a variety of possible disadvantages in addition to a hunted

I also write down “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”  Because I want her to be fun in an annoyingly ridiculous way.

I-N0T could be a nihilist robot, Perhaps played like Marvin the Paranoid Android gone bad.  Nihilist me Annihilate you, who…  no, world conquering robots are over done.  This guy wants to make all the powerful ‘things’ nihilists and sets up elaborate events to force people to think that way.  An advance agent of mental entropy.  He is just starting with her for his own damn reasons.






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