The Place of the Second God

Related both to Manypeople and TKA posts previously a single note about these divinely designed characters should be cautioned against.  They are not part of the standard Demonic or Devils or other classical mythos.  They stand upon their own perhaps most easily found where the seams of the planar junctions occur.  But there home is those dimensions that are completely swallowed by Chaos and have come forth for their own reasons.

The Worm of Places

Lesser god


MOVE: 14″ # 24”







SIZE: H (24’ Long)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: Travelers who seek new places, those who seek to leave behind their problems and others. Civil engineers, especially maze builders, Minotars, Morkoths &Thouls.

SYMBOL: Wall, Knotwork and Mazes and often all three combined.

PLANE: Elemental Planes

CLERIC Group: 8th level Shujenka

FIGHTER Group: 15th level Anti-Paladin

MAGIC-USER Group: 18th Level magic user

THIEF group: None

OTHER group: None


S: 20(+ 3, +8) I: 16 W: 16 D: 18 C: 2CH: 8

Reasonably defined as a female she is an answer to the question of what does chaos call an earth mother figure. Appearing as a variant on a purple or mottled worm composed almost entirely of lines that do not meet she uses this ability however for a sort of stealth ability despite her great size rendering her 50% likely to be undetected when she first appears (aside from her racial special abilities which should be applied also to the encounter).  While in combat she attacks as a Purple Worm seeking to devour her prey with gusto alternating with summoning allies and casting spells.  Devoured prey discover themselves inside a pocket dimension from which only a Wish may extract them while a Limited wish, Alter reality or similar magics will allow them to discover an challenging, adventure worthy, path out.

Out of combat she is constantly and sleeplessly on the move and lays one egg a turn while during each round of combat she automatically lays egg from the excitement.  Within turn (randomly determine down to the second and if needed alter effects based upon circumstances) each egg has a 10% chance of becoming a subterranean random encounter, 15% become a vein of extractable material in whatever it is in contact with (90% of which are only interesting and rarely mildly valuable, 10% turn the vein into a quality material of some sort [ranging from salt, gold, electrum etc. to gems or even magical materials], 10% alter the current area to another state of matter Equal chance of Solid, Liquid, gas, plasma)  50% simply fade to nothingness and 5% are of pure chaos wiping out anything it can reach within 10’ of its final location unless a save vs. breath weapon is made.)

She possesses all the racial abilities of all Purple Worm creatures, Gnomes, Dwarves and Halflings including all variants and subterranean versions of these creatures and those abilities that may be excluded by classes she possesses. Her breath is sometimes described as smelling like a sort of earthy combination of a mild cinnamon, bourbon and earth.


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