The Last of the Chaos Gods

The Monkey of Abstracts Completes the Fearsome foursome of challenging Chaos Gods.  I present the One-who-came-first, Elder of Manythoughts, as well as the Second and Third Chaos Gods.  This Abstract concept can make a decent alternative to Cthulu, Titan and other Evil Gods concepts especially for campaigns that focus upon Law vs. Chaos rather than Good Vs Evil.


The Monkey of Abstracts

Greater god


MOVE: 24″



DAMAGE/ATTACK: 3-18+7/3-18+7/3-30+7 or 5d6/5d6/5d6/5d6/5d6 (may be 1 at 7d10)

SPECIAL ATTACKS: Polymorph others (-to save)

SPECIAL DEFENSES: Polymorph self, shape change


SIZE: M (6′)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: All alignments (primarily Chaotic)

SYMBOL: Wavy lines that do not touch forming Hominidae or humanoid aspects

PLANE: Astral

CLERIC Group: 12th level in each Cleric and Druid

FIGHTER Group: 10th level Ranger

MAGIC-USER Group: 16th level in each Magician and Illusionist

THIEF group: 14th level Ninja

OTHER group: 17th level Asian Monk of Monkey Style Kung Fu


S: 19(+ 3, +7) 1:2W: 2D: 2C: 2CH: 22

This composite of abstract creatures is a transformationist and deceiver who is responsible for bringing things forth from the abstract in order to generate and/or alter the world. Because of his great form morphing and shape altering abilities he can appear in any form he/she/it so chooses. In addition to a shifting ape like form composed of lines that never touch yet give an impression of features, he may also appear as a Chimera, a constantly shifting were beast of some sort, a troop of Primates or the reflection of a moon and will not appear as a human as that is beneath him. Venerated as the provider of the universe (because everything comes from the Abstract according to this doctrine) he is difficult to worship often only accepting gifts that are Zen like riddles, impossible thoughts or other interesting concepts which serves the purpose of obtaining food to satisfy his appetite for such things.

He will fight only after giving at least a dozen taunts and then having a base or intermediary form as a suitably impressive Great Primate. If battling on the Astral plane he may awaken up to 1d20 of any nearby dead gods and have them join the battle alongside him remaining awake and active for 1d10 Turns. If battling a psionically endowed creature he deals 50% more damage than shown above.  If battling a creature without psionics he adds a cumulative 1% chance per blow to their possibility for psionics which is checked for at the end of any round of combat with this mind expanding creature.

He is unlikely to interfere with others as he is tuned to the abstract part of the concept universe.  However after giving three foods of thought created originally by the gifter to him he may perceive a better form for his feeder and respond to a request for aid by permanently altering them to something useful for their current situation (which will also heal them to full hit points and remove any negative statuses).

When encountered out of combat he voice seems to be audible to everyone while his words are swallowed by something greater than the wind. He smells of a sort of clean nothing scent and he feels impossible.


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