Doc Random

This is my Character for a Mage Ascension campaign about half way converted over to HERO. He is way down on the list of work to do but someone did ask who I would vote for to lead a cabal of scientists.  So  I present a quick and dirty version of Doc Random.



Identity:                              Doc Random                                      Character Name:              Doctor Randal Dominic

Sex:        M                            Training Suggestions:     More Magic

Age and Appearance:     28 year old Athletic, white, male dark of hair and eye      Character Quotes:                                          

Val          Characteristics   Cost       Base      Points   Roll         Notes:                                                 

8              Strength              x1           10                                                                                              

16           Dexterity             x3           10                                           OCV:      DCV:                                                     

20           Constitution       x2           10                                                                                                          

20           Body      x2           10                                                                                                          

12           Intelligence        x1           10                                           per Roll                                                

8              Ego         x2           10                                           ECV                                                       

12           Presence             x1           10                                           Pre Dice:       d6                                                

12           Comliness           x1/2       10                                                                                                          

10           Physical Defense              x1           Str/5              Resistant:       Total:                                                       

10           Energy Defense x1           Con/5                            Resistant:      Total:                                                       

3              Speed   x10         1+Dex/10                                                                                             

6              Recovery             x2           (Str/5)+(Con/5)                                                                                               

40           Endurance          x1/2       Conx2                                                                                                  

34           Stun       x1           Bd+(St/2)+(Cn/2)                                                                                                            

6              Run        x2           6″                               x2 non  combat multiplier                                                            

2              Swim     x1           2″                               x2 non  combat multiplier                                                            

                Vertical leap       Spl.         Str/10         x2 non  combat multiplier                                                            

                HLeap   Spl.         Str/5                          x2 non  combat multiplier                                                            

                Characteristics Total Cost:                                                                                                                                           


Concept: Well Equipped Adventurer    Tradition: “Sons of Ether/Children of Adventure”                                       


Hummer, Ex  military with armor plates and run flats, the jungle camouflage paintjob is a bit weatherworn and bullet marked but other than that the model is a top flight vehicle.

9mm glocks with 17 shot clips, “tracer”, 1gel, hollow point.  A 38 special is in the office, though only a six shot Doc. Random does keep three speed loads one of which is hollow points, the other two are gel, as is the base load. Doc. does have a CCP but he would rather not use lethal force to “solve” anything.     

2              concealable holster: +2 to concealment rolls to hide pistols IIF ( -1/4), pistols only ( -1) 6/2                                             

Wallet with $3,850 in cash, hunting license, fishing license, extra passport photos, concealed weapons permit.    

Strong woolen scarf                       

extra batteries

Security belt, 3″ longer than it needs to be for a good fit.

Familar: In reality this is actually the ability to speak with and make good friends with little companions rather than “critter x follows me everywhere”.  In addition, this does make the question of import and export of the creature quite easy.                    

Avatar: guided but not obsessed follower



10           Daredevil: +3 OSL’s in any very risky situation ( -2), 30/10

Jack of All trades (5) Dr. Random has not wasted his life while being ensconced in a university, instead he has learned a little bit about a great deal of subjects.                              

Crack Driver (1): a natural talent for driving all sorts of vehicles.    to target numbers for difficult or dangerous driving.                

Arcane: difficult to follow, when some villain is yelling “Well, find him!!” they are probably looking for Doc….                       

Sensory base; detect large group (any properties of matter, magical energy (prime), energy (forces), temporal related (time), transportational base (correspondence) biological (life) or spiritual (spirit) nature or super nature.  note he has issues with mental (mind) or decay (entropy) based phenomenon) Ranged, Discriminatory, Analysis,                        

Arete 4 Multipower                                                                                                       

Matter 3    Using a boxlike cell phone the user can accumulate Ether in the box then if necessary project the mass in ethereal form before it stabilizes as real matter often in an almost ray like form sometimes enhancing mass of targets to the point that their quick/strong abilities are useless.  Of course in the hands of a novice the item can only be used for extrapolating mass data via the natural ethereal relationship of ether to mass. OAF (Ethereal Accumulator,  -1)                                                                                                                               

Mind 0: Appearing to the untrained eye as a less than gaudy mood ring this all changes simply by hitting the secret catch that pops up the stone part of the ring and enables the wearer to access the encoder/decoder part of the ring.  Viewing objects and or people through the stone part of the ring may give the wearer all sorts of subtle information about the various moods and thoughts others may have. OAF (Dr. Eon’s Secret Decoder Ring,  -1)                                                                                              

Prime 1: Enviroproof match case and 30 matches. Prime has always been a source of power.  Though some may consider fire to belong to Forces, Prime is the start of all significant magic and matches are Fire Starters.  The hinged case lid has a bit of scratch proof plastic lens in the top perfect for determining potential information of “Prime” importance.                                                                                                                       

Correspondence 1: The Compether   Appearing as a normal compass when the secret catch is touched the face flips making the compass a compether suitable for detecting the nearest source of ether as well as navigating through various realm like places.                                                                                                             

Entropy 0: Ether Sailor Knife   Similar in appearance and function to the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife this is a universal tool favored by those who traverse the ethereal realms in search of adventure.                                                                                                 

Life 2: Though initially developed as a reactant for aiding in field triage, in the hands of a master the Absorba Skin system not only provides the skin with protection from many harmful rays but in addition it provides a moisturizing nutrient bath that aids in healthy scar  free tissue development.  OAF (Absorba Skin Spray,  -1)                                                                                                                    

Forces 2: Appearing to be a medium sized flashlight this powerful tool not only has an omni -directional head but in addition to the standard light generating bulb it has several nonstandard features.  There are four additional bulbs in the head of which three are not currently ready for general use.  The only currently functioning attachment is the “laser pointer” option. OAF (Light Pistol,   1)                                                                                                                        

Spirit 1: Appearing to be an ordinary sundial attachment for a compass this is in actuality a spirit achievement tool capable of not only detecting but navigating and possibly manipulating the realms. OAF (Ether dial,   1)                                                                                                                   

Time 3: Though appearing to be a Rolex style watch instead this watch appears to keep track of several different times, places and dates.  In reality it will tell how much time biorhythmically has passed in addition to normal perception as well as sampling realm time and tracking earth standard all only when set properly.  Reflections seen through the crystal face can give the user some information about things not preset into the watch.  In addition it can be used to reduce or adjust time frame rate for himself or others. OAF  (Chonomediator,  -1)                                                                                                                                       

                Total Powers Cost:                                                                                                                                          

                Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:                                                                                                                                           

3              Wealthy: Doc is a well paid lecturer at a local college,     

6              Concealed Carry permit                                                                                                

1              Wealthy: +1, In a safety deposit box in an undisclosed bank vault there is a briefcase with a million in uncut diamonds,          

10           International Passport                                                                                                  

3              Cell phone with the latest in gadgets including IR camera attachment, GPS locator down to 6 meters,  a hotkey that dials 911, local police, local firefighters and CNN, a second hotkey that dials a preset group(adventurer buddies), and a dozen games(Pitfall being the current favorite).    

6              two fake identities.                                        

Alertness 3                         

Culture  Analysis: 4                         

Athletics 2                          

Linguistics: 3                      

Instruction 2                      

Medicine  First aid:4                       

Drive 2                                                 

Firearms  pistols: 4                                                          

Stealth: 2                                                            

Science  Chemisrty:4                                                     

Knowledge’s (JoAT)                                                       

Skills (JoAT)                                                       

Cosmology 3                                                      

Investigation 2                                                  

Total Cost of Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:                                                                                                                                



Objectives: Though agreeable that the Sons of Ether need a new name Randall believes his suggestion is too pulp for it to be ever adopted no matter how hard he tries, not that he is giving up mind you, just that he knows the climb may be too hard for a single lifetime.               

He would rather not use violence to “solve”  anything.                                                                                                    

of course Doc does see the Techno  rats as a problem but not insurmountable.                                                                                                                                  

Total value of Disadvantages:                                                                                                                                                    

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