Vehicles Part 1

Having talked about a few other things Vehicles are a very interesting from a Super heroic point of view.  Characters across various media can be spotted with iconic vehicles from flying bathtubs and Space/time/dimension hopping booths to more mundane but no less useful designs inspired and named after the hero.

There is also a great deal of ideas espoused about this most useful tool of humanity. The concept is versatile and like many other powers can be prone to excess.  This might sound ok or even preferable but taken to the extremes some could think they want… the Character ends up becoming an appendage to the Vehicle, to the extent that the item becomes a crutch to, or even the reason for existence for the character.

It can get real ugly.  But there is so much fun to be had until the threshold for playability is reached.  One other note: This post doesn’t have hard mechanics those are in the following post.

Vehicle: This power covers the incredible numbers of uses vehicles have been put to over the millennia and by the most imaginative people out there.  Ranging from the ancient carts, sleds and chariots of the past to the sleek ultramodern craft of today and the future there is an infinite variety of choices available to the Super vehicle user.  Whether ‘street legal’ or enhanced by super science, magic, psionic potential, or possibly even more esoteric abilities this is the power for travelling by an external means.

Generally vehicles are both specialized (in that they are often built with some goal in mind) and versatile (as a broad category there are many uses to put vehicles in the forefront of a story)  depending upon story needs they can fill many niches.  Rules for weight, size, and campaign/character needs for real vs. mythical as well as the needs to make a vehicle into another iconic character rather than just a stat block. 

A: Since the days of the classic world mundane and fantastic vehicles have carried an increase in offensive capacity by increasing fractionally the weight carried by the vehicle (compared to the weight of the vehicle without) vs. reducing the weight on an individual the tradeoff has been well worthwhile.  There are even some space battle ships that are more cannon than ship.

B: Defensively speaking a classic example of Vehicles is to provide protection to the crew, cargo, passengers, and internal systems ranging from putting a wooden wall on wheels to magical or futuristic armor plating, shields, backup and repair systems.  Some of this protection is from exhaustion or  

C: Vehicles at their core are a way of gaining various differing forms of movement whether the incredible ability of flight that man had dreamed of for ages, tunneling though the earth or the ability to move faster longer and more comfortably. Though it might be very close to a place and often a home, a vehicle differs from places in that it moves. 

D: Because vehicles often operate at speeds and over distances well beyond the human norm of perception many vehicles often include a variety of senses to aid their operators  from interstellar to local, Tachyons, radio and radar to sonar to remote cameras, telescopes, and spy drones.

Examples of Vehicle Powers (2d8-1 with extras)

-Bank Tank: This powerful item enables a child themed or capering crazy character the ultimate in whimsical war machines.  It is painted a hyper pink as a sign it is a combination of Dangerous, Deranged and Creepy.  

-Damaged Spacecraft (example of a Level growth Vehicle): as the character repairs the vehicle/has it upgraded/successfully experiments on the vehicle the vehicle becomes more powerful this is assumed to be subsumed by the down time for the character (much like handling it as if one was training for other level based abilities).

-Decoded Remote Ignition System: this small key fob looking item actually has a very sensitive remote ignition decoder that enables the user to steal any technological vehicle with Remote Ignition Systems simply by decoding and responding to the system correctly.  Should the vehicle be unoccupied the vehicle that is decoded can be stolen otherwise the vehicle may be deactivated or otherwise mess with the user until they can disable the system (d20 Int vs. Int contest.) Unlike other versions of the Vehicle power in order for this power to be effective there should be vehicles that can be acquired by this system though the character might have personal vehicles for use.  

-Eye-Max, the Storm-chasers vehicle:  Designed to have a reasonable chance to stand up to a Class 4 Tornado it combines sloping technologies and resilient impact resistant materials and to try and stand up to everything the weather can throw at it as well as pitons to anchor the vehicle to nearly any surface because it is not designed for flight or landing.

-Flying Carpet: Appearing to be a beautiful if slightly worn and aged Persian rug, this vehicle carries up to five at the command of the owner typically flying in the habitable zone for people. Though with powerful enough magic’s this limitation may be only superficial.

-Jet Powered Vehicle: This could be any one of many vehicles capable of flight at supersonic speed perhaps even lending international ability to the Character and their fellows.  Despite appearances it isn’t limited to Runway strips and aircraft.

-Missile Command: Instead of a standard ‘vehicle’ The character has several missiles like items at their command, though not necessary these could be part of a part of a larger vehicle.  Generally restricted to where they are incapable of targeting a single target of man sized or smaller they do massive damage to any vehicle struck.  They also can be used to transport a single individual, as long as they are not Claustrophobic.  This tactic is used to insert powerful/dangerous individuals in otherwise difficult to access places or to enable their most valued persona to escape.

-Need Your War Machines: Unlike some of the other uses of vehicle powers the character has access to a nearly unending series of combat effective vehicles.  These also increase in ability on a per level basis.  Usually denoted as coming from a major portion of the characters off screen or down time.  The character may have a concealed base to house the fleet and the equipment needed for  maintaining operations if necessary.

-Nuclear Steam Powered Tramper: Combining the fantastic and the antiquated the character has a Steam powered ship by a Nuclear core.  Some caution should be used as the nuclear core could cause issues if care is not used.

-Plex-steel war craft: These are alien designed multi-Purpose-and-use craft enabling a pilot to conform their vehicle to whatever the battle needs from front line tank like fighting craft to warships to troop transport these missile proof plastic and steel faceted vehicles use outer shell attachments in order to move and handle many combat tasks. 

-Psion throne: Appearing to be a large throne of bone not all of which is humanoid or even earth like.  In addition to automatically hovering to where the operators head is a foot above the head of the nearest sentient being unless otherwise desired it also has several powers designed to aid the ‘operator’.  The first multiple attack and any area of effect mental attack is for half price by a person seated on a this throne usable just once per 24 hours. 

-River Rising: the character can declare a normally unresponsive common object or force as a vehicle for the transport of himself and possibly other people or items.    In most cases this is a basic concept like Gravity, or electro-magnetic forces though instead of generating the forces the character harnesses them.  In other cases the “vehicle” is a normally inanimate object: Water/Oceans/Rivers, Concrete or even the land itself as in the Irish Blessing “May the road rise up to meet you”.

-ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) though there is some difference between ROV versus allies, there can be multiple ways to use ROV’s in the campaign similar to but not identically to Allies.  Concepts such as Upgrades to combat, Flexibility in hero design, Scouting opportunities and delivery of messages or small items all enable ROV”S to be commanded but not independent utilities.

-Sepparo Car: this car is able to divide itself into a set of individual traveling compartments that at the least are capable of independent movement if not separate combat facility.  The reverse is a gestalt vehicle in which individual vehicles are combined as a whole into a greater vehicle to deal with significantly more powerful issues.

-Snow vehicles: Designed for operating in the Artic Circle in the worst of conditions there are three types of artic ready vehicles: the snow cam the blizzard cam and the beach ball cam.

-Souped up Four wheel Drive:  the character possesses a vehicle that has extreme outdoors capacity.  Perhaps even suffering on well maintained roads, seemingly only to prefer to play on or meet the challenges of the roads less well traveled.

-Traveling Base: If the vehicle is large enough it could also be considered a base, some are quite capable of housing and supporting tens or hundreds if not thousands of individuals in some cases up to mobile planets and even vehicles that dwarf or contain galaxies or multiverses.  From Dirigibles to Aircraft Carriers to Ginormous vehicles like Some Anime designed craft, comprehension might be the only limit

Speaking of Counters, creating counters for your own vehicle designs in V&V also have their own rules: The official size conversions for V&V are 1″=5ft as a scale.  All name banners on the items are 1/8″ high. and there should be two arrows indicating facing.  Of course for Travelling Bases this may be changed to reflect the scale.

The artwork is (probably) a poorly executed design showcasing a lot of marginally interesting vehicles from last week (as of posting).  Just a collection of stuff that passed through my feed that I grabbed plus a piece of my own and quite a few counters sprinkled together.  The end result might be ugly though.  Good thing I don’t do that for a living.

And as a final note: this and the following post about vehicles do not quite match up name to name.  So if someone can figure out which vehicles are which vehicles matching each kind of vehicle with its generic description  I will see about some sort of reward. Nothing much but it will be something the respondent will like.


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