Art of Game of Thrones

Now for a quick disclaimer: I have never worked with or on anything dealing with GOT.  George RR Martin was certainly profited from it and I don’t claim any part or parcel of even a shred of being involved with the juggernaut.

Long before the Show came out I read the first two books of GOT.  I had read a good sample of his edited works and worlds (Wild Cards, various anthologies) before and he isn’t bad but he had a theme running through of low science and magic and GOT delivered that in spades.

That isn’t a problem.

The first two books created in me a feeling which proves the old adage “it isn’t art unless it creates an emotion”  and the name of the emotion was depression.


It does mean those books are Art and if I ever need to feel a miasma of depression I will pick up the third book and try his series again.  I don’t think it will happen at this point.

I have been in brutal campaigns that run pretty much like the books do and if they are the only game in town I will probably play in them.  But life is too short and hopefully people have enough emotions to really not need to slog through depression inducing stories because they don’t feel things otherwise.

That that isn’t true, might be a problem.




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