Name and Name Generation

Flashback to:

January 20, 2015 ·

“My name is so common that just this morning I got told that the random character generator for a game spewed my name out as an option for one of my coworkers to hire me to work for them… He did and hopes I know how to run a space station, otherwise he’ll fire me.”
Well I hope I did good enough…
So here is a question:  How often have you named characters after real people who were not famous or based characters so heavily off of a person that others could tell?
Part of the reason why I ask this is because one of the hooks to building characters in V&V was that someone could use the players as templates for characters.  That was a fun idea for getting into the game, it did not always work out in the end but it sure could fire up all the imagination anyone needed to get a character started even without having to roll dice.
Flashback to 1988 and playing Villains and Vigilantes  and here is the character…
Rookie at 17Based on me…
 Frankly he has a lot of issues but probably isn’t too overwhelming.  Picked powers and post
I think I had more fun with this version though…
Rookie at 24
I think I had a lot of fun with this guy as a version of myself .
Until I hit HERO then things get… complicated.
Ill have to post that later though. (sadly because I can’t find it!)
So why Am I posting old not so good characters/sheets especially those that are bad?   Because no matter how poorly I started I got better.  Or at least I think I have.   That is the point behind Heroic Tourney.  Getting better.
In fact the faster someone gets better the longer they will be able to enjoy being better.  And if showing old perhaps poor characters might inspire someone to be a better gamer then by all means I will do so.
So here is to characters new and old.  Get good and enjoy being better.  Heck, who knows?  One day I may play myself as a super powered 17 year old one day!

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